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Newgrounds episode 1

2012-08-04 17:52:47 by Parlux

Newgrounds Wrestling!

2012-08-03 20:49:19 by Parlux

Hey guys I'm working a very low budget machinima series called NGW. It's a series of Newgrounds Users and staff members fight out feuds with fake fist, fake bumbs and slams. Just like the real wrestling. This video is a very Alpha version of it and the final product looks even better. Tonight I will be Releasing Episode 1.

Features are

-NG User and Staff
-Custom music
-Custom Newgrounds arena

and so much more

Fuck Eyelovepoozy

2012-07-08 16:56:55 by Parlux

This is not a "Oh he banned me and I'm mad post" This has to do with his fucking Homophobic comments he made which I have on tape. Eyelovepoozy basically started a unfunny dumb discussion on Newgrounds Google+ chatroom "Will you suck a devil dick to save your mother from hell and eternal damnation"

He continued on saying if his son turned out gay "he would have a unfortunate hunting accident"

Really dude?

Damn bro I been away from newgrounds about 1 and a half years and I got to say. What fuck happen to you? I considered you a friend, but you became a fucking disgusting human being. Then when people call you out on your own shit you try to bully, belittle and intimidate them. You really need to get off your fucking high horse because you don't scare any one with your fatass triple XL jersey and your dumb fucking backwards giants snap back you out of touch douche!


Poozy if your reading this please and get on G+ I want to see you try to belittle me with your old ass unfunny comedic material laugh you used in 08.

Fuck Eyelovepoozy

In April I quit my job I had some family issues concerning there health so I took some time off and being unemployed for a few months. I started going to this job development agency and I started working on getting my security licences because I already had my 8 & 16 hour certificate. I was dressed up for some job interviews today and going to send my paperwork to Albany N.Y, but when I got there the street was closed down because some piece of dog shit no good mother fucker made a Bomb threat today so the place is closed down and I won't hear any thing in a week.

The fuck is wrong with people!

Ben Assfleck called me a mother fucker

2012-03-21 20:39:06 by Parlux

Yeah so Ben came to the Drugstore I work at. He had on some silly glasses with the plastic nose over real sun glasses and a fedora combo. It took me a moment because I recognize his lower part of his face but I couldn't tell, until he opened his mouth and I knew it was him. I asked him "Hey ben congrats man" (I took a guess he was celebrating seeing he had a bag from club lavo next door to me) He looked at me surprised that I saw right through the get up. He ignored it and continued to swipe his card, but I noticed he was really annoyed. Once he was done I said have a good night and he responded with "Yeah you too mother fucker." with an attitude. I chuckled and continued working.

What's funny is that I saw Kevin smith again two weeks early and told him how much I loved red state and he told him that really means alot coming from a fan because it was one of the films out of his element.

Conclusion, Kevin smith is awesome, Ben Affleck is a douche and needs acting lessons

Ben Assfleck called me a mother fucker


2010-02-08 20:40:21 by Parlux

The 1 year old game that multiple artist have been working on. The game consist of 16 fighters. 7 users and 3 mods and 4 admins with 2 secret fighters. Fighting engine made by NegativeONE the creator of Newgrounds Rumble! Music composers from the Castle Crashers soundtrack are Ian Slider (Cornandbeans )and Waterflame and many more music producers. Story written by Parlux and Mindchamber.


Wadolf has return and set his sights on the moderators and staff striping jamoke of his mod powers and giving it to another former mod and recruiting users for a hostile take over chaos is brewing in Newgrounds.


Eyelovepoozy (Trying to take down the rebel users while the admins take out wadolf)

SevenSeize (Sent from high up to investigate poozy wittiness say that the renegade moderator is a large man with a bad attitude)

Rig (Kicking ass and ask questions later. No story really just doing what he does best, calling the police on users)

Coop (Trying to prove he's not the laughing stock of the mods he can kick ass as well)

Renegade moderator (Secret Character- No body know who he is some say it's a former mod others say it's Poozy)

Johnny Utah, Mindchamber, Stamper (Wades Admin team on taking down wadolf)


Good guys-

Grub-Xer0 (Main protagonist in the story trying to stop his friend in joining wadolf's attack)

Jamoke (Now a user he helps by fighting along side his user friends. he doesn't have his mod powers but his punches still hurt like hell)

Goryblizzard (Using his superior intellect to outwit his foes not to mention and his badass sunglasses)

Techno (Always looking for a fight he can't resist himself. don't get caught by his combo's)

Bad guys-

Twilight (Small in size but annoying as hell. the true definition of troll don't take him lightly)

Parlux (Get's in a argument with any one even his own team. He wants to fight every one and has a bone to pick with poozy)

Shadowmeld (A mask fighter hiding his secrets he uses ninja nazi arts and has a strange affection towards cats and small furry creatures)

Secret Fighter (Wadolf brought back from deletion. Now this fighter has made a pact with Twilight, Shadowmeld and Parlux to get his revenge on poozy. Who is he?)

Beta tester Q&A


Q. There is only 4 fighters in the game and 2 stages?

A. It's a beta it's not even finished.


Q. Why use sprites?
A. Less lag for slower computers.


Q, Smooth right now but what happens if it goes over 30 mega bytes will it lag like Punk omatic 2?
A. No cause it's gonna be less then 30 mega bytes and there will be a download version for slower computers.


Timer and life bar freezes and sprites freezes. (I'm working on it the fighters shouldn't freeze any more. For my beta testers any more bugs please screen shot them you have the FLA versions See if you can tweek it just don't mess with the action script.)

Release Date:
April 1st

/* */
Music is Grub-Xer0 Vs parlux rival match


I'm awesome.

2009-12-29 08:21:51 by Parlux

Wouldn't you agree?

Mindchamber got me.

2009-12-19 00:29:07 by Parlux

I'm a good sport about it. I fell off the game and stop playing so I got really rusty so when I saw him online I talked shit and got my ass kicked.
Also he's a good challenge (For a spammer) Who just uses the moves over and over again, I'm not mad at him tho. I trolled him before so he's gonna troll me.

We had a good match (21 to 9... I lost) But I will come back and get better and counter his spam belly flob

Mean while read his post, really funny

Lol, Mindchamber troll

Lol header

Mindchamber got me.

Davidzx is done

2009-12-01 23:32:16 by Parlux

after years of his faggotry he asked for wade for deletion don't know on details but his shit flashes are deleted too. heres a screen cap


Davidzx is done

Halloween 09 for me.

2009-11-01 17:32:59 by Parlux

I like halloween lots of fun. Jack skellington this year

Halloween 09 for me.